Name:Alejandro Gutiérrez Flores
Professional Degree:(Industrial*) Psychologist
Birthplace:Matamoros, México
Marital Status:Divorced
Address:Lilas y 1a. #9 Col. Jardín
English:70 % Translation Click here
Phone:812-17-51 & 812-05-99

Elementary School: Colegio de la Salle

Junior High: Colegio de la Salle

High School: Lic. y Gral. J.J. De La Garza

College: University of Monterrey UDEM

University of Texas
Austin, Texas

Visa Qualification Center
Monterrey, N.L.
Evaluation Techniques

Bancomer, S.A.
Matamoros, Tam.
Evaluation of Performance
Financial Analysis
Mortage Credits
Commercial Credits

Abril 2007 To Date

Director - Webmaster

Responsibilities: Design and publication of Web pages, provide all the services necessary to maintain presence in Internet using the most advanced software and programming, Flash animation, QTVR, Audio, resources, tools and strategies with excellent quality standards and times of delivery.

C.P.L. Center of Labor Psychology
Employment office at Matamoros
January-1986 To March 2006

Position: Coordinator - Owner

Recruitment and selection of personnel: to a wide variety of companies in Matamoros. My customers are approximately 1900; which require for me to look for a messenger up to a managerial level employee; making it the biggest private employment office in the state. My clients include assambly plants, medium and small companies and some of the official sector. I have On-Line system of clients and applicants. Other functions including: organizational analysis, viewing new needs of development of our customers, check references of employees, application of psychological tests and others studies of organization and evaluation.

Regional Center in Matamoros
January 1982 To October 1985

Positions: Investments Executive, Chief of personnel benefits and organization analyst.

Responsibilities: Pay bills and contributions of the bank personnel, such: I.M.S.S. clinics, quotas, pay liquidations of personnel, etc. Recruitment and selection, application of psychological tests. Induction and training. Carry out programs of training and motivation in matrix office and branches at Valle Hermoso, Rio Bravo, Reynosa, Díaz Ordaz and Miguel Alemán. Collaboration in mix commissions. Make analysis of organization for systematize and computare areas and departments. Collaboration in Matamoros-México (On-Line). Establish the security system of the case of bank of México and Bancomer; make and review bulletins and circulars of changes in the systems. Update organizational charts and descriptions of positions regional level. Analyze and adapt changes of organization. Finally cover absences to the personnel and organization manager.

CARPLASTIC, S.A. (Visa-Ford)
Garza García, N.L.
Feb. 1981 A Sep. 1981
Position: Recruittment and selection of personnel.

Responsibilities: Recruitment and selection of personnel; application of psychological tests, interviews and investigation of references.

Capacity to handling personnel (Recruitment, selection, induction, training, motivation, supervision, etc.)

Domain of psychological test and evaluation techiques.

Domain of administrative and accountants bills.

Domain of PC packages, processors, graphics, accounting reports, human resources reports, html, Dreamweaver, Falsh, QTVR etc.)

Maintenance, installation and update diverse compute equipment.

Capacity to investigate particular references and previous works.

Capacity to analyze and make organizational adaptations.

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